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Injuries by dogs

1. They have dog trouble in the UK. See it HERE.

2. For once our Government, [which, like every other element of the State, is, rest assured, amongst the best in the world], is ahead of the UK government. Unlike the UK there is, here in Ireland, a two tier level of strict liability for damage caused by dog attack.

3. Here, under Section 21 of the Control of Dogs Act 1986 an owner of a dog is strictly liable for damage sustained by a person in a dog attack and for any injury done by a dog to livestock.

4. The effect of this is make the owner [which may mean the “occupier” in some circumstances] liable, without proof of negligence, for injury suffered by a person in a dog attack.

5. Good news for owners of livestock; they do not have to prove ATTACK by the miscreant dog, just injury to the livestock consequent on dog “doings”.