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Quinn Insurance

Here are some issues not addressed so far (in the papers I read).

(A) Quinn Insurance has a board of Directors. Sean Quinn is not on that board. The board has said nothing about the seizure of the company by the Provisional Administrators. Sean Quinn never stops talking about it and issuing press releases and public statements, including TV interviews.

Is he in fact in charge of Quinn Insurance?

This is possible. Under Section 27 of the Companies Act 1990:-

“…a person in accordance with whose directions or instructions the directors of a company are accustomed to act (in this Act referred to as “a shadow director”) shall be treated for the purposes of this Part as a director of the company…”

Does the Financial Regulator know anything about this that we don’t?

(B) Quinn Insurance has been accepting professional indemnity business from British solicitors. The mind boggles. Every now and again a wave of mortgage fraud sweeps Britain. Irrespective of whether the solicitors are complicit, the claims are numerous and large. It is very difficult to calculate the proper premium to match the risk. It is not easy, either, to refuse indemnity; the insured solicitors can fight.