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It is ironic that I should suggest HERE that an opinion should not be asked of a lawyer in any and every circumstance (or, specifically, should not be asked for in some circumstances) and then, belatedly, discover the blogging phenomenon that is Eoin O’Dell has availed of a disclaimer on his website.

What is good enough for Eoin O’Dell is good enough for McGarr Solicitors. We are now following his example (and some of his wording, which, we believe, he permits). The wording is not identical to his; his blog ranges into subjects where we do not venture. The reasons for this vary. We have, to date, for instance, refrained from telling the world our opinion of the film “The Last of the Mohicans”. (It is not a promotion of the myth of the noble savage; it rejects it. What is noble about Magua? Certainly, Uncas and Chingachgook are noble, not because they are savages but because they are civilized). (This being a blog and of limited space, it is not possible to reconcile the contradictory use of “civilized” in connection with characters unconnected with a city).


“We get some emails asking for legal advice. (Not surprisingly; that’s the business we are in).
However, this blog is not intended to convey, and should not be construed as, or used as a substitute for, legal advice. It is written for general, informational purposes, and reading it does not create a lawyer-client relationship. Moreover, this blog is always under construction, and the contents are always changing, so please do not rely on any post as a comprehensive or current statement of the law on any of the issues discussed. No responsibility of any kind is accepted for any reliance you may place on anything I have written here.
There are lots of links in my posts, but I am not in any way responsible for the content of sites linked from here – such sites are the responsibility of those who maintain them; complain to them, not to me.”

(I am going to ask our IT department to place this in a more central place; some things are beyond me).