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Conveyancing CPD

Solicitors acting for land/building purchasers deliver “Requisitions on Title” to the vendors. The requisitions are direct questions addressing a range of issues of possible concern. Now that there is little or no conveyancing to be done it would be best to look at the process now and again to keep it fresh in the mind of the profession.

So, what to answer if asked,

Given its position, please confirm that the property has never suffered from flooding.”

Well, in this case HERE the reply was:-

Our clients confirm that the property has never suffered from flooding during their 14-year occupation.”

The sale closed and the purchasers found that the Thames river (at the bottom of the garden) flooded the property.

The purchasers have sued the vendors; the case is ongoing.

In cross-examination the vendor emphatically denies misleading the purchasers; he meant “the building” when he referred to “the property”. The building had never been flooded; just the garden, and that less than claimed by the purchasers.

So, Irish conveyancers, my reply to that purchaser’s requisition would have been:-

this is not a requisition on title”

On receipt of rejoinders my reply would have been:-

purchasers should make their own enquiries”.

We in Ireland have a precedent for this case and consequently practitioners should wake up when they see the reference to “the Vendors…say…..” in replies to requisitions.

Vendors often say more than their prayers.