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The Minister for Transport has suggested that he will require the occupiers of premises adjacent to public footpaths to clear them of snow and ice.

He has also, unfortunately, indicated that the occupier will be exempted (by the Minister) of legal liability arising from that obligation.

Why bother?

If the occupiers are free of consequences for failure, they won’t clear the pavement in the first place.

The Minister’s proposal is not suitable for legislation; it is suitable for a proclamation. He is, in effect, proposing to issue a call to arms, directed to the Nation, enjoining the citizens to embrace goodness and to avoid evil.

(The title to this post comes from one of my Christmas presents; a series of DVDs of episodes of “Jeeves and Wooster”, starring Hugh Laurie as Bertie and Stephen Fry as Jeeves. My particular interest is in the Drones club and its members; it helps to understand current Irish politics by realizing that the Drones are in charge)

(Slippy pavements are not our major problem; NAMA is the big problem).