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Hand of Henry

Football, (soccer football) is important. It embodies the need for transparency. Thierry Henry’s foul handling of the ball in the Ireland v France match is trivia, but the advancement of FIFA’s interests in having two big nations playing in the World cup final is not. Interest like that cannot be open to transparency; they run counter to the spirit of soccer football.

Ireland was punching above its weight in the game with France. When you are punching above your weight you better know it and you better aim for a knock out blow to win. A win on points will not be vouchsafed to you.

Furthermore, accept the fact of failure, having properly defined it. The failure to comprehensively eliminate France was the failure, and is only made the more painful by the antics of Brian Cowen and Martin Cullen. They will do nothing to correct FIFA’s faults.

In ill thoughts again!
Men must endure/ Their going hence, even as their coming hither:/ Ripeness is all.
Come on.

-King Lear