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The Colour Supplement

McGarr Solicitors have opened a new “window” in cyberspace. You can see it HERE.

It is intended to more clearly explain legal issues to victims of personal injury.

Those legal issues can be complex.

The government introduced the Personal Injuries Assessment Board in 2003. This was professedly to benefit the people of Ireland by reducing the premiums for insurance cover.

That may or may not have happened, but the obvious beneficiaries were the insurance companies operating in Ireland and the obvious losers were the Irish victims of personal injury (not “Irish” but “injured in Ireland”).

Separately, the government reduced the time after which a personal injury claim was statute barred, from three years to two years. It also introduced new and onerous procedures for injured persons to adopt, as they sought recovery of compensation from the person or persons who had caused them the injury.

However, these issues have been addressed elsewhere in this website.

Instead of repeating them, this post can refer now, albeit gratuitously, to rotogravure, or rather its absence from the process for producing our new website. Rotogravure was a printing technology, remembered, if for nothing else, by a citation of it in the Irving Berlin song, “Easter Parade”.

When, if ever, will someone write a popular song incorporating the word “inkjet” in it?

Can it match “rotogravure” for poetry?

I think not.