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A Money Furnace

The government seems to have a furnace somewhere to dispose of old banknotes, such is their fondness, to the point of habit, for burning public funds.

Why else does the taxpayer have to pay for a contaminated pork recall?

After all, we know with reasonable, if not perfect, certainty where the contaminated pork originated.

We appear to know that the output of that factory accounted for 10% of Irish pork in the retail market. That, in the judgment of the Government, justified the recall.

Why is the taxpayer the unwitting insurer of the farmers, the factory, the processors and the retailers?

Was the recall not, again, an incident of a market loss? Is there some large Irish Insurer whose policies cover this loss and whose business cannot be allowed to fail for unknown reasons?

Is there a peculiar and particular meaning to the phrase “a perfect market”, in Ireland?