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Fianna Fail ministers have discovered the seat of Ireland’s problems; the Labour party is the problem, apparently.

There is justice in this. Eamon Gilmore, leader of the Labour Party has directed some sharp questions towards Brian Cowen, leader of Fianna Fail, in the Dail.

Now these questions should not be allowed. They resemble the process condemned in Hollingshead v M’Loughlin [1917] 2 IR 28.

…that examination … ought to be conducted in such a way as to avoid any kind of concussion upon the bankrupt to make him give evidence in one direction rather than another. A bankruptcy examination ought not to be converted into a torture chamber. The sanctions of the law behind the evasions or concealments or untruths or bankrupts are strong enough without concussions in the course of the examination being practised.”

Mr. Gilmore, request an urgent inventory of Dail ice-picks; Mr. Cowen is not a man to be crossed.