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Bad Banks & Bad Language

Despite the incompetence (to be temporarily mealy-mouthed) of The Irish Financial Regulatory Authority (the Central Bank of Ireland trading under a pseudonym) the ugly truth just may leak out, despite the best efforts of Brian Lenihan and Brian Cowen to prevent it from doing so.

It is not credible that they do not know what is to be known.

We have to wait for the thumb screws to be applied to the Directors and executives of Anglo Irish Bank; only then will we hear what they know. What they know are the names of the other conspirators.

Unfortunately this will take some time; more time if the process is delayed or obstructed.

Meanwhile the other conspirators will be fully at large to do further damage to Ireland, its people and its future.

Brian Cowen is one of those people who feel the weakness of “rejecting” something; he wants to claim he has “refuted” it, which he has not.

Asserting otherwise is an expression of contempt for the Irish public.