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The Picture of Dorian Grey

I worry I have been sleeping on my rights.

It has been the practice of art galleries in Ireland to keep the very identity of purchasers secret from the artists that the gallery “represents”.

Now as a consequence of Directive 2001/84EC and The European Communities (Artist’s Resale Right) Regulations (SI 312 of 2006), we artists are entitled to information from the gallery which will enable us to enforce our claims for a percentage of any money generated on a resale of our work.

I must urgently write to my gallery for the names and addresses of my buyers.

(For reasons currently unknown to me I am unable to link to SI 312 of 2006 because Statutory Instruments for 2006 are missing from the website of the Attorney General and BAILII).

NOTE for naive artists; terms and conditions apply

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  1. Did Robert Ballagh not have a case taken similar to the nature of your post above? If memory serves correctly it was before Quirke J. I can’t find the citation of judgment.