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Three babies in Letterkenny General Hospital have been infected with MRSA.

Clearly, the Hospital is answerable for these infections. They have occurred in the health care setting; the babies cannot be accused of any contributory negligence in the matter.

Their respective parents cannot be held responsible either; they had contact, in each case, with just one baby.

Indeed, these are absurd notions, born of desperation to dodge responsibility.

They have meaning only to medical practitioners and health care managers willing to delude themselves that they can avoid shouldering responsibility for such infections in the absence of being confronted with a video or other visual record (and therefore, presumably unchallengeable) of the mechanism of infection.

What is now clear is that the Chief Executive of Letterkenny General Hospital knows someone in the Hospital is the source of these infections.

He is obliged in criminal law to ensure that person does not cause any more infections.