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We have to stop working every now and then. I read the Sherlock Holmes body of work a long time ago, but the classics never die and so I have made reference to Sherlock Holmes HERE and perhaps have given the impression that a life in the law is a life in crime or close to it (by and large, it is not; think of Kenneth Starr whose natural habitat was in corporate law and Government administration).

What might a lawyer read for leisure? Anything, but he/she could do worse than read the novels of Stephen Saylor, featuring Gordianus the Finder.

I am currently on page 136 of “This Night’s Foul Workâ€? by French author “Fred Vargasâ€?, whose website is HERE, for Francophones, and whose Wikipedia article is HERE, for the rest of us.

Currently I think I will be reading all of Fred’s oeuvre.