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This post is intended to set and keep the record straight.

I notice a tendency in Fianna Fail politicians to attack the electorate by claiming it is cynical.

My free copy (free with “The Independentâ€? of London) of “The Great Philosophersâ€? defines a Cynic as:

A member of a school of Ancient Greek philosophy, namely Cynicism, wherein virtue was seen as the only good and self-control as the only means of attaining virtue. Cynics not only showed a complete disregard for pleasure, but also expressed contempt for human affection, preferring to find fault with most individuals for their lack of virtue. Diogenes was perhaps the most renowned Cynic.�

It is a curious thing that, even in committing a solecism (using cynical when they mean sceptical) Fianna Fail politicians still manage to identify their opponents.