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Shed a tear for Scooter Libby

It is a bad time for the Rule of Law.

First, President Katsav avoids his trial for rape and his accusers are denied the protection of the courts and the criminal law.

Now George W. Bush commutes the jail sentence of “Scooterâ€? Libby.

In a sense, these events are refreshing in their brazenness,

It seems scarcely necessary to ask for the explanations for these actions. They are undoubtedly the deployment of political power masquerading as part of a judicial process.

In the case of George W., it appears he was complicit in the original illegal leaking of information on Valerie Plame.

In these circumstances “reasons of Stateâ€? is an inadequate description of his actions. He is an accomplice of Scooter Libby. His current action is one of perversion of the course of justice and aggravates his original offence.

At the moment, by way of light relief, better try to think of ways of preventing the people of China hearing of this Presidential initiative. It doesn’t sit well with an earlier initiative.


  1. I find it so interesting that everyone assumes that the travesty in the Katsav case is that the case didn’t go to trial. Perhaps the big travesty is that the case got this far in and of itself. How do you know that his accusers need any protection? Perhaps it’s the President who needs protection from the accusers? I’m not saying who is right or wrong, just that it’s hard to know.

    And, yes, it is possible for multiple accusers to be wrong as this blog post points out:

  2. Moshe,

    The President’s proper protection is a trial. In fact that’s the protection for everybody; it’s called due process.