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Inequality of Arms

I have written about Irish legal aid elsewhere.

Litigation anywhere can be ruinously expensive

This is particularly so if, as in the USA, the parties bear their own costs irrespective of the outcome.

So, when a small firm of dry cleaners in Washington, USA, was sued by a judicial figure of some kind
for a sum of $54 million, the firm was in trouble. The case had all the appearances of a try-on by the Plaintiff. He claimed the loss of the pants from a suit he left in for cleaning. His calculation of his losses was based on his reading of the effect of consumer protection laws and his claimed entitlement was based on interpreting “satisfaction guaranteedâ€? subjectively rather than objectively.

In reality he cannot have been oblivious to the unrecoverable costs he was heaping on the dry cleaners.

Unusually, there is a prospect of the Defendants getting an order for the recovery of their costs from the Plaintiff.

One Comment

  1. The disappointing thing about this case is that the bizarre quest for unrecoverable damages that this “judicial figure” pursued has resulted in two migrants who were attempting to live the dream promised by their adopted country are considering shutting up shop and returning to Korea.

    The infamous ‘man on the Clapham omnibus’ must be agog at the apparent lack of reasonable conduct displayed. Little surprise that there are calls for the plaintiff to be disbarred and for his judicial position not to be renewed.