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Don’t ring us; we’ll ring you

The mobile phone is of great benefit to humanity. When it features in court it seems very interesting questions of law get an airing which might otherwise continue to live on behind the legal wainscotting.

The link is to a High Court Judicial Review application arising out of certain hasty decisions of a Circuit Court judge.

The original Circuit Court case must always have had interesting possibilities, given the potential in the case for the production (unexecuted) of a horse’s hoof into evidence.

As interested observers we would like to know; was the horse’s hoof specified as an item of evidence in the barrister’s Advice on Proofs? (The Advice on Proofs is a written series of directions given by the barrister before trial to the solicitor, to ensure that everything the case [ie, the barrister] requires to be done to win is done).