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The world should be alerted to something styled The Global Deception Research Team; hence this post. After all, global deception is a serious matter. It would be nice to think that we could uncover it all in one place or by one action. For me, the alert came from reading the UK newspaper “The Guardianâ€? of 12th June 2007.

Readers can access the Research HERE, for a day, for US$35.00, or they can read on.

Lawyers, as a body, tend to be professionally interested, above the average, in the issue of truth telling and its opposite. The Global Deception Research Team, strictly, is not of great help to lawyers or other interested parties.

It reveals the universal existence, allegedly, of a common stereotype of liars.

This may be of interest in itself but, by implication, it cannot claim to tell us anything about liars.

The principal element of the stereotype is that liars cannot look you in the eye. That is inaccurate, as anyone who has ever encountered politicians can vouch.

The other elements of the stereotype are:

Liars shift their posture; they touch and scratch themselves; they are nervous; their speech is flawed.

If this is true then phrenology has a claim to be true. If phrenology is true, we inhabit a universe where we can only take comfort in the well known reflection: “shit happensâ€?.