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Personal Injury – Construction Industry

For Employers’ duties see HERE

According to a report in 1990 from an advisory group of employers, trade unions, the National Industrial Safety Organisation and the Health and Safety Authority Inspectorate, the main causes of building accidents, were cost-cutting, lack of control over sub-contractors and time-saving measures.

The study showed, in the case of the sample of incidents reviewed, that 20% involved falls; 20% involved ladders or scaffolds; 11% involved contact with power lines; 9% involved collapse of trenches.

In 1985 the safety Officer of the Construction Industry Federation reported “….. it is evident that many of the site managers and workers have no idea of their responsibilities under the Acts”.

According to the then Minister for Labour, in 1988, building sites were among the most dangerous places in Europe. He said a sizeable number of building site were not being reported to his Department.

Over the previous10 years more than 70 people were killed and 5,000 seriously injured on Irish building sites.

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  1. Interesting website. Any thoughts on safety issues at abandoned construciton sites, now the property of financial institutions? Probably still construciton sites, but not a workplace (except maybe when a security guard patrols??). Injury exposure to intruders also. Liability exposure to designers, builder, PSCS, PSDP, bank / building soc, NAMA, local authority????.
    Might be a topic for your website.