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Medical Negligence – Defence

The Medical Defence Union (“MDUâ€?) is very old. Founded in 1885, it currently defends its members in litigation, usually against claims based in negligence. However, it is not limited to defending only such claims and defends the interests of its members. Very early on in its history this extended to funding the defence of an officer in a libel action.

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Given the narrow range of bodies from which medical practitioners get “insuranceâ€? it is no surprise that the MDU turned out to be the “insurerâ€? of Dr. Michael Neary.

In the light of its previous actions here in Ireland and elsewhere it is no surprise that it has declined to contribute to the compensation of Dr. Michael Neary’s injured patients.

This may not be a matter of concern to the MDU members, but it surely must be a matter of great concern to patients and their public representatives.

Incidentally, it appears that the membership of the MDU do not actually choose the directors.