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Politics with a small p

The Broadcasing Complaints Commission polices the commercial radio sector.

Under the terms of Section 10 (3) of the Radio and Television Act 1988, it is obliged to ensure that advertisements tending towards any religious or political end are not broadcast.

It has decided in the past that an advertisement in opposition to gender discrimination (internationally, be it noted) was political; see HERE.

Now it has decided the following advertisement, being part of a campaign by the European Union office in Ireland, is political.

‘Did you know that the European Union has legislation to protect the environment. Governments must guarantee their citizens access to clean water and ensure that they breathe clean air. There are also EU laws in place to protect endangered wildlife. To find out more log onto or call into any of the Europe Direct Information Centres. Europe Direct Information; its all about EU.’

One Comment

  1. It IS political.
    The European Union is a political project. Ergo.. to promote it.. is political.
    Whats wrong with that?