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The Conveyancing Committee

The Conveyancing Committee is comprised of working solicitor members (working in private practice) brought together by the Law Society of Ireland to give guidance, and set procedures, in the resolution of questions that may arise in conveyancing transactions. Conveyancing is what lawyers do when transferring or mortgaging land or buildings.

The members are unpaid for their work. They are, of necessity, deeply involved in conveyancing practice and, of course, earn their living from doing so. They tend not to belong to the category of solicitor who seeks election to the Council of the Law Society.

The Conveyancing Committee oversees the production of the various editions of the Law Society General Conditions of Sale. These form part (hopefully) of every conveyancing sale transaction.

It also oversees the production of the Law Society’s Requisitions on Title. These form an indispensable check-list of questions to be answered by the vendor or mortgagee in a conveyancing transaction.

The Conveyancing Committee is an important body; its work is known to the legal profession (and the judiciary) but unsung in public.

I have a soft spot for the Committee, having found no response to my assertion to colleagues that Professor Farrand cracked jokes in his book “Contract & Conveyanceâ€?; dry jokes, admittedly.

It’s lonely, being a conveyancer.