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The Children’s Hospital

Crumlin Children’s Hospital has declined to transfer to the proposed site for the new “world classâ€? children’s hospital at the Mater Hospital on the North Circular Road in Dublin 7. The reason for this refusal is that the site is inadequate for the project. If the site is inadequate, there will be deficiencies in the infrastructure for the new hospital. Without proper infrastructure (assuming the staff continue working in such circumstances) the task of delivering proper care to the patients […]


A Death in Hospital

1. When someone dies in hospital (or having just left it) it is easy to overlook the necessity for notifying the local coroner. Why have an inquest? Is the cause of death not known? 2. Possibly not. In any event Section 18 (4) of the Coroners Act 1962 sets out the legal obligations following on the death of a person. “18… (4) Every medical practitioner, registrar of deaths or funeral undertaker and every occupier of a house or mobile dwelling, […]


Defamation on the web: An Irish perspective, in brief

Is defamation on the Web special? No; except in the sense that there is no statutory provision applicable to publications on the Web similar to, for example, Section 24 of the Defamation Act 1961 conferring a qualified privilege on newspapers and broadcasting media disseminating fair and accurate reports of the matters set out in the 2nd Schedule to the Act. Where does the Irish law of defamation come from? Irish law of defamation comes from the common law, from the […]


What the…!

It isn’t easy to generate readable prose on any subject, even one’s “own” subject. The principal difficulty is the depreciation of intellectual capital. We tend to learn what we know early in life and by the time we look authoritative we know less than we ever knew.