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The Dog Ate the Homework

That this should emerge twice in the one month, in the Supreme Court is a measure of two things; the frequency with which the Gardai prematurely dispose of evidence and the sclerosis of the criminal prosecution system that it should so stubbornly cling to the determination to prosecute in cases where the accused claims to be disadvantaged in making his/her defence.


Criminal Legal Aid

The court found that as a matter of probability, a defendant will be afforded a fair trial in summary proceedings in the District Court while represented solely by a solicitor.


Bertie Ahern and Warren G Harding

Bertie’s friends are particularly brazen in claiming “unfair proceduresâ€? on the part of the Tribunal. Of what do they think cross-examination consists? Do they think counsel should write down his questions and give advance notice of them in that format? And not deviate from the script?


A Statue in College Green

As we see with Bertie Ahern, if you talk rubbish it has its purpose, and even if the exact purpose cannot be seen, it can be sensed. That means your speech is concealing and not revealing.


Lock the Door

She attended court in what would have been her Sunday best were it not for the shortness of her skirt. She was a striking figure.