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Facebook’s European Privacy Problem

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?, originally uploaded by nolifebeforecoffee. There is a suggestion in the Irish Times that Facebook Inc may be considering locating a European base of operations in Ireland. In that context it may be useful to consider the current situation regarding Facebook, its attendant applications and their use of Irish and European users’ Personal Data. The main question is whether all of Facebook’s behaviour is in compliance with Europe’s Data Protection Law, and the extent to which […]


Human Rights Commission

THE HIGH COURT 2006 No. 3785P   Between   DIGITAL RIGHTS IRELAND LIMITED Plaintiff And   THE MINISTER FOR COMMUNICATIONS, MARINE AND NATURAL RESOURCES, THE MINISTER FOR JUSTICE, EQUALITY AND LAW REFORM, THE COMMISSIONER FOR THE GARDA SIOCHANA, IRELAND AND THE ATTORNEY GENERAL Defendants 20th December 2007 1. The High Court (Clarke J.) has adjourned the application of the Irish Human Rights Commission (seeking leave to be heard in the proceedings as amicus curiae) to 28th January 2008. 2. The […]


UK Medical Records database: Very public patients

The British NHS proposes to establish a central database of patients’ medical records.