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Even so, we should not forget that Taoiseach Brian Cowen and Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan are both lawyers (and it doesn’t get more centralised than where they are) and there is, or was, (this writer thinks) no checklist in the world that would have prevented them from wrecking the Irish economy.


Legal Costs

Real justice would recognise the inequality of arms in this struggle. The formal equality of litigants is often illusory. Lawyers know this and act accordingly.



She was defending her cousin on a dangerous dog prosecution but had to be escorted from court after kissing a solicitor, swearing at an usher and insulting the prosecutor while “fortified” with brandy.


The Prosecutor

Under the Prosecution of Offences Act 1974 most criminal prosecutions are in the charge of the Director of Public Prosecutions (“DPP”). Some offences are assigned to other legal persons (e.g. Government Ministers) for processing in prosecution by the statute under which they are created. In fact most criminal prosecutions are brought by members of the Garda Siochana in the name of the DPP. Before the 1974 act the prosecutor was the Attorney General. Consequently, it was, before 1974, a social […]


Yes, Boss!

Call the judge “Judge” (unless he/she is the Chief Justice (or the President of the High Court)).


Accident: Frequency (The Law of Averages)

Road traffic accidents are common, but we rarely witness them happening. If we made a judgment of their frequency based on our experience, we would be wrong.


Souvenir Land

It is surprising that NAMA’s business plan has overlooked the possibilities of souvenir land sales.



It is an obligation of an advocate, in cross-examination, to convey to the witness the evidence the advocate intends to adduce to rebut the evidence of the witness. This is called “putting” the case to the witness. The witness will have the presumed opportunity to comment on the “case” of the advocate’s witnesses.


Shut up, Fintan!

Few people know the source or sources of the ideas they use to prop up their speech, not to speak of their lives. To take everything they might say as defining them perfectly is just wrong.


Business is Business

Under the Regulations, the plaintiff client will become liable for fees only if he/she:

a) fails to co-operate with the legal representative;

b) fails to attend any medical or expert examination or court hearing which the legal representative reasonably requests him to attend;

c) fails to give necessary instructions to the legal representative; or

d) withdraws instructions from the legal representative.