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Judges’ Wigs

The real purpose is to assert wordlessly, the finality of rational adjudication from the judge. That is, it is intended to define rationality by reference to the wig; rationality emanates from the wig. Without it, there is doubt and possibly confusion.


What’s the news?

Every judge can now have his/her “followers” and indeed, may use Twitter to sample opinion with a view to staying onside any any particularly thorny legal question.



Matters were in each case made more difficult by the decision of the court of appeal in concluding that, while the judgments were deficient, it was possible to discover what the reasons for the judgment were in each case. Consequently, the appellants although aggrieved at the absence of reasons in the original judgments did not win on appeal and lost more money on legal costs.


No Apple for Teacher

We see it in the abolition of an outrageous assumption; that people of power may beat up other people.


Everything comes out in the end

Consequently, we favour those people when we seek to have “truthsâ€? suppressed or ignored. They are the ideal candidates for appointment to be judges, for instance.