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Digital Rights Ireland: ECJ Judgment striking down Data Retention

The ECJ judgement on Digital Rights Ireland’s challenge to the EU’s data retention regime.


The Data Protection Acts aim to make us the Author of our own life

Just a quiet little note about Data Protection- a subject I frequently refer to but haven’t addressed directly. Usually, any mention I do make about Data Protection is concerned with how to use the Acts as a tool to extract information you want. The legislation is certainly useful for that- though after a decade of using them, Data Access Requests still seem to arrive as a shock to their recipients. But it’s worth remembering that those tools were created in […]


Digital Rights Ireland Ltd – Judgment reserved

At time of writing, no reply has been received from Hans-Gert Pottering, the President of the EU Parliament to the letter McGarr Solicitors sent to him.


Digital Rights case (continued)

Three Motions are (or were) before the High Court. One, that of the Irish Human Rights Commission, was promptly decided by the judge in favour of the IHRC. The IRHC is now a “party” to the proceedings as “amicus curiae”.


Human Rights Commission

THE HIGH COURT 2006 No. 3785P   Between   DIGITAL RIGHTS IRELAND LIMITED Plaintiff And   THE MINISTER FOR COMMUNICATIONS, MARINE AND NATURAL RESOURCES, THE MINISTER FOR JUSTICE, EQUALITY AND LAW REFORM, THE COMMISSIONER FOR THE GARDA SIOCHANA, IRELAND AND THE ATTORNEY GENERAL Defendants 20th December 2007 1. The High Court (Clarke J.) has adjourned the application of the Irish Human Rights Commission (seeking leave to be heard in the proceedings as amicus curiae) to 28th January 2008. 2. The […]