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Builder’s GUBU

The court held that the Defendant was not answerable for the cost of demolition and reconstruction because the Plaintiff had not informed it of the need for a continuous pour.


Contract Law (2)

Sam Goldwyn (of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the US film producers) said of oral contracts, that they were not worth the paper they were written on. He was right, because of the lack of certainty they embody. Inevitably the two interlocutors making the “oral contract” will have differing recollections of the terms agreed. Litigation on such a contract is an unpredictable gamble.


Walk this way

Certainty is good for business. Ireland has now produced a series of standard contracts for use in public construction and engineering projects.


Public works contracts

SIAC was one of many persons who tendered for the provision of a new sewerage system for the town of Ballinrobe. Its tender, on price, was the lowest. Mayo county Council awarded the contract to the next highest tenderer. In the judgment of the County Council’s engineer, SIAC’s tender would, in due course, be discovered not to be the cheapest.