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Creditors’ Meetings

At McGarr Solicitors we will advise on the questions to be asked by creditors at the meeting and will attend to represent the interests of creditors if asked to do so.


The Lengthening Anglo Irish Bank Road

Under the Market Abuse (2003/6/EC) Regulations 2005 it is an offence to breach the regulations by engaging in the acts set out in Regulation 5


The Short/Long Anglo Irish Bank Road

“…any person was knowingly a party to the carrying on of any business of the company with intent to defraud creditors of the company, or creditors of any other-person or for any fraudulent purpose;”


The Long Anglo Irish Road

The Anglo Irish Bank “shareholders” are all “former shareholders”; the shares of the Bank have been transferred to the Minister. Logically, no rights to issue proceedings by former shareholders against proposed Defendants can arise from the expropriation of the shares by the Minister for Finance, but it would be foolhardy to sue without first writing to the Minister and obtaining his consent to issue proceedings, seeking civil remedies.


Ango Irish Bank Corporation (1)

What we know is that a sense of grievance in shareholders is not, itself, a spur to action. After all, if the sense of grievance springs from the loss in value of the Anglo Irish Bank shares, it has a weak foundation. Did they not know of the Anglo Irish Bank “business model”? Is it not the failure of that model that has caused the major part of the shareholder loss?