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Litigation Costs

The Irish system underpinning the recovery of costs in Irish litigation is derived from British practice and systems but lags behind developments there. The basic principle is that the client is responsible for paying his or her costs and may only recover those costs in the event of winning. The corollary of the second leg of the prior sentence is that the client is responsible for ALL costs in the event of losing. That means that the client is liable […]


Managing Ireland

An executive failure (whether in the executive proper or in the administration of the Courts) is all the less forgivable when a good workable proposal is advanced by the Commission and then ignored.


Class Actions?

This state of affairs is favourable to wrongdoers, especially corporate wrongdoers. To permit class actions is to admit that, often, individuals can have a reasonable prospect of justice against a modern corporation, or the state, only through the action of a collective.