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This is a staggeringly bad idea. It implies that is possible to be complicit in, effectively, suppressing documents, and be ACTING FAIRLY.


Another Defective Motor Car

“The issue to be decided is what damages the plaintiff should be entitled to recover. He has sold the car now, and he had the use of the car since January 2003 until March 2006 and he travelled 56,000 miles in it over that period.”


Builder’s GUBU

The court held that the Defendant was not answerable for the cost of demolition and reconstruction because the Plaintiff had not informed it of the need for a continuous pour.


Holiday Hell

The Plaintiffs wished to take their honeymoon in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. Having booked, they were alarmed to receive reports that their hotel was being overbooked. They checked with Panorama and were reassured that was not the case. On arrival in Egypt they found it was the case and they were declined accommodation in the hotel contracted for.


Dud Motor Cars

The consumer has a choice of suing the Finance Company and the motor dealer who “sold” the car to the consumer or just the Finance Company.