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Dud Judge

Finally, if there exists a Judicial Review list in the High Court consisting of cases from the work of one judge, is it not time to look at the judge, as well as his errors?


An Arresting Experience

It is a criminal offence to resist a lawful arrest, but not an unlawful arrest. Some unlawful arrests are plainly that; more often than not they are seen to be unlawful with hindsight.


May I Not Record You?

Under Section 19A an adverse inference may be drawn from the failure of an accused to mention a fact, later relied upon by him in his defence, while he is being questioned etc., by the Gardai.


A protester is not just for Christmas

n 1984 President Ronald Reagan visited Ireland. There were public protests and demonstrations at his visit. He stayed for a time in the residence of the US ambassador in the Phoenix Park. A number of women took up position in a grassy area across the road from the entrance to the ambassador’s residence with the apparent intention of signaling their protest to President Reagan as he entered and left. He never saw them.


Website homework

It retains its date order in the website but can be seen HERE.



The current Irish law on “shoplifting” is to be found in Section 8 of the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001. The side note for the Section descriptively reads “Making off without payingâ€?.