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Practice & Procedure

In Camera

t is a shock therefore to review a hearing that was not only heard in private, but one of the parties was excluded from part of the proceedings.


Irredentist PIAB

What are the problems (statutorily enforced) that the Government has imposed on such plaintiffs?


Witness Immunity

Most witnesses are compellable, that is, they will be obliged to attend and give evidence in court. The method of doing this is to serve a subpoena on the witness. Reasonably enough, the witness is and should be protected from litigious attack for giving evidence. Absolute privilege attaches to statements that are made in the course of the administration of justice. This has been stated as “…anything said, or published in writing, in the court and as part of legal […]


Whistleblowing (with teeth)

A False Claims Act privatises the effort of uncovering fraud of public funds and rewards the whistleblower with a percentage of the recovered stolen proceeds.


Multi-Party litigation

Ireland has nominal provision for multi-party litigation.