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Don’t come back

In truth, neither the contractors nor the public authorities seeking tenders genuinely know what the costs of such projects are; the tenders are guesses.


Trouble in the Port Tunnel

The real news story of the Dublin Port Tunnel is not its faults; it is the role of the whistleblower/s.


Building Disputes

It is important to recognize that the expense of construction (which is considerable) carries the hidden reciprocal cost of the dispute and that the parties should budget for spending that money if and when the dispute breaks out. If that is budgeted for there will be a minimized loss of momentum in driving the dispute resolution process to an early conclusion.


Irish Planning and Development

It is not clear that the true history of Irish land development has been written.


Ireland and the Aarhus Convention

Ireland is in fact a signatory to the Aarhus Convention. The European Union is also a signatory. Consequently, EU environmental law is already driving the “implementationâ€? of the Convention.


The Environment

It’s time to change the name of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). An agency that, as it says itself, permits and licences [polluting] activities should not hold itself out as a protecting body. True, the Office of Environmental Enforcement is part of the EPA, but it ought not to be, for many reasons, not least in the light of what we read in the report of Case C-494/01, (Commission of the European Communities v Ireland) ( a case concerning 12 […]


“Projects” and the Environment

Under EU law, action and initiative by a developer must await the completion of assessment of the “projectâ€?.