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Let Them Eat Cake

Before 200 asylum seekers in direct provision accommodation in Limerick/Clare commenced a hunger strike (Irish Times 30/1/07) did the Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform receive any prior inkling of their complaints? The complaints are, inter alia; a) In meals the “customersâ€? find hair strands; pieces of broken plastic and particles of shells. b) One toilet roll a week is allocated. Experience, shows this is inadequate. c) Lack of cleanliness This is a no-brainer. If it were a prison, […]


The Vaccine Trials

The Elephant of Forgetfulness extends its benign trunk to the Nuremberg trial in 1946. The public and, it appears, Mary Harney the Minister for Health and Children, have forgotten the trials (there was more than one) and especially have forgotten “The Doctors Trial”€?. Many victims of the Holocaust had been the subject of medical experiments in the concentration camps. Against the odds, some of the medical personnel responsible for the terrible injuries inflicted on the victims were brought to trial […]


Ireland’s position on the WIPO Broadcast Treaty

Further to previous enquiries the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment’s Intellectual Property Unit has come back to us with the following response. 1. Whether the government is supporting introduction of a Broadcaster’s copyright in the negotiations on the treaty The European Community and its Member States, including Ireland, have supported the efforts over the past decade or so at WIPO to update the system established by the 1960 Rome Convention. Ireland signed the Rome Convention for the Protection of […]


WIPO Treaty on the Protection of Broadcasting Organisations

The WIPO is an agency of the United Nations based in Geneva. Currently a treaty is being negotiated there on ‘The Protection of Broadcasting Organisations’. Aspects of this treaty have provoked some concern by interested bodies. To clarify Ireland’s position at the negotiations for this treaty, we contacted the Intellectual Property Unit of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. We reproduce the relevant sections of our query and their response, with the names of Officials redacted. From McGarr Solicitors: […]