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Digital Rights Ireland case

See the letter to Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering for the context for this.



Ireland has previously cast a veto (in the EU Council of Ministers) and it was denied that it had that effect.


Public works contracts

SIAC was one of many persons who tendered for the provision of a new sewerage system for the town of Ballinrobe. Its tender, on price, was the lowest. Mayo county Council awarded the contract to the next highest tenderer. In the judgment of the County Council’s engineer, SIAC’s tender would, in due course, be discovered not to be the cheapest.


Ireland’s EU veto

Christine Lagarde, the French finance minister is on record as saying that France will use the presidency of the Council of Ministers in the EU to, effectively, change Ireland’s low corporate tax rate. The Irish Government says this cannot happen: Ireland has a veto and will use it, therefore the Irish position is safe. Mr. Barroso has made placatory noises on the same issue. (In fact he has started the process of undermining the Irish “veto”). What is the reality? […]


The Dog Ate My Homework!

The academic world can be tough.


Facebook’s European Privacy Problem

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?, originally uploaded by nolifebeforecoffee. There is a suggestion in the Irish Times that Facebook Inc may be considering locating a European base of operations in Ireland. In that context it may be useful to consider the current situation regarding Facebook, its attendant applications and their use of Irish and European users’ Personal Data. The main question is whether all of Facebook’s behaviour is in compliance with Europe’s Data Protection Law, and the extent to which […]



THE HIGH COURT 2006 No. 3785P Between DIGITAL RIGHTS IRELAND LIMITED Plaintiff And THE MINISTER FOR COMMUNICATIONS, MARINE AND NATURAL RESOURCES, THE MINISTER FOR JUSTICE, EQUALITY AND LAW REFORM, THE COMMISSIONER FOR THE GARDA SIOCHANA, IRELAND AND THE ATTORNEY GENERAL Defendants UPDATE The Plaintiff has received notice from the Irish Human Rights Commission of the intention of the Commission to apply to the High Court by Motion on 10th December 2007 for liberty to appear as amicus curiae in the […]


Affaire de rétention des données de ‘Digital Rights Ireland ’

Les plaidoiries sont- après consultation avec notre client- disponible ci desous jusqu’ici dans cette action en PDF format (Adobe Reader).


The EU Reform Treaty

We do not yet know what is in the EU Reform Treaty. However, we have some insight into the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which forms part of the Treaty.