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Secret(ive) Courts

Construction may be everything; if the object of criticism thinks the criticism may lower him/her in the estimation of right-thinking members of the community he/she may sue for defamation.


All Together Now…!

Will Ireland suffer the humiliation of Irish citizens bringing a class action in London for events which happened in Ireland?


Legal Fees

Which of us is happy with our handwriting? Some, no doubt, but for many of us the admirable writing in our school handwriting workbooks is a thing of the past. [The United States of America produced its Declaration of Independence in cursive script (HERE)] So it is with other standards. Here in Ireland we call cursive script joined-up-writing and we aspire to that, but we have little tradition of its cousin, joined-up-government. In Ireland, government must be conducted in accordance […]


For Whom the Bell Tolls?

Once again, the remedy for such social ills is to hand; introduce forms of proceedings in court called Multi-Party Actions.


Mr. KenMore

Here are some easy reforms to bring fairness to the people of Ireland



We should, however, know what it would be like if we do find ourselves as a Plaintiff or a Defendant in litigation.