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UN Commission on Human Rights Letter to Ireland questions the State’s response to the Magdalen Laundries scandal

Below is an extract from a letter from the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to the Irish government addressing the government’s responses to the Magdalen Laundries scandal. The letter is dated 22nd May 2013 and can be read in its entirety on the UN’s website at this link. Emphasis added. *** The Committee is pleased that the Government of Ireland commissioned a committee chaired by Senator McAleese to establish the facts of State involvement concerning […]


The Injuries Board gives no awards

An unsafe system of work

Here at McGarr Solicitors we do not make “awards” of damages for personal injury claims. We do not have that power. We do not claim to have that power.
However, neither does the Injuries Board have that power, even though they tell the unsophisticated members of the press that they do have that power.


Internet blocking in Ireland: Some quotes

There was a problem connecting to Twitter.   For all blocking methods circumvention by site operators and internet users is technically possible and would be relatively straightforward by determined users. –“Site Blocking” to reduce online copyright infringement, OFCOM Report,22nd May 2010 The law in this area is extremely complex, particularly since the European Court of Justice has given an important decision restricting the use of blocking in the meantime. That decision found that filtering would be impermissible if it undermined […]


Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Ltd; Judgment on Winding-up Petition

The Application This is the Judgment of Ms. Justice Laffoy to the Application by the Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Ltd to be wound up by the Irish High Court. Despite its name, The Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Ltd is not an Irish company, but a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. We act for 20 Irish clients of The Harley Medical Centre Ltd. It traded at many clinics in the UK and had one clinic in Dublin at 5 […]


The Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Ltd. – judgment due

The High Court will give its judgment tomorrow on the petition of The Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Ltd. to be compulsorily wound up in Ireland.


Harley Medical Group – Did you get this notice?

RULE 4.228 OF THE INSOLVENCY RULES 1986 NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF AN INSOLVENT COMPANY OF THE RE-USE OF A PROHIBITED NAME THE HARLEY MEDICAL CENTRE LIMITED (Company Number 01728619) I, Melvin Braham, of 11 Queen Anne Street, London W1G 9LJ was a Director of the above named company on the day it went into administration. I give notice that I am acting and intend to continue to act in one or more of the ways to which Section 216(3) […]


The Harley Medical Group: Who are they, really?

In the UK and Ireland, The Harley Medical Centre Ltd., trading as The Harley Medical Group, was a major seller and distributor of the defective PIP breast implants. The Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Ltd is currently before the Irish courts, looking to be put into liquidation. McGarr Solicitors is the only solicitors’ firm that has attended court for Irish PIP victims and argued for their clients’ interests in this application. The Crime The PIP criminal trial is currently at hearing in […]


Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Ltd liquidation application

  Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Limited is a company registered in the British Virgin Islands. About a month ago, we were notified by McCann Fitzgerald, solicitors for the Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Limited of their client’s application to the High Court in Dublin seeking to wind up the company. As solicitors representing women suffering as a result of having been supplied with faulty PIP breast implants by the Harley Medical Group, we were made notice parties to that application at […]


The Harley Medical Group and PIP victims’ claims

Currently, in Court 3 in the Round Hall of the Four Courts, a company called The Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Ltd (“The Company”) is appearing before the High Court seeking to be wound up. The company is registered in the British Virgin Islands, with an office in Ireland at 5 Herbert Place. This is not the first time this matter has been before the Court. In March Ms. Justice Laffoy ordered that a number of parties- including our office- be […]


The Data Protection Acts aim to make us the Author of our own life

Just a quiet little note about Data Protection- a subject I frequently refer to but haven’t addressed directly. Usually, any mention I do make about Data Protection is concerned with how to use the Acts as a tool to extract information you want. The legislation is certainly useful for that- though after a decade of using them, Data Access Requests still seem to arrive as a shock to their recipients. But it’s worth remembering that those tools were created in […]