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The National Archives and The Department of Justice’s living history

by William Murphy

The National Archives are governed by legislation. S8 of the primary National Archives Act 1986 sets out the requirement on Government departments to hand over files after 30 years. Geraldine Kennedy in The Irish Times has reported on the surprising lack of new information in the files to be released this year on the GUBU phone tapping scandal of 1983; “There are six phone-tapping files in all: four from the Department of the Taoiseach and two from the attorney general’s […]



(Of course the foregoing is a fiction. Our Executive has ensured that the Oireachatas does not function correctly; somebody other than the Oireachats decided the terms of the Act).


Digital Rights Ireland: Draft Data Retention SI published

The Department of Justice has published the draft Statutory Instrument whereby Ireland proposes to transpose Directive 2006/24/EC into Irish law.


Bertie Ahern and Warren G Harding

Bertie’s friends are particularly brazen in claiming “unfair proceduresâ€? on the part of the Tribunal. Of what do they think cross-examination consists? Do they think counsel should write down his questions and give advance notice of them in that format? And not deviate from the script?


Let Them Eat Cake

Before 200 asylum seekers in direct provision accommodation in Limerick/Clare commenced a hunger strike (Irish Times 30/1/07) did the Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform receive any prior inkling of their complaints? The complaints are, inter alia; a) In meals the “customersâ€? find hair strands; pieces of broken plastic and particles of shells. b) One toilet roll a week is allocated. Experience, shows this is inadequate. c) Lack of cleanliness This is a no-brainer. If it were a prison, […]


The Irish ePassport

We have commented previously on the ePassport and its lack of security. See the attached opinion of the EU Article 29 Data Protection Working Party on RFID tags in passports and its recommendations for steps to precede the introduction of the chipped passports. We cannot see that Ireland took any notice of the Working Party’s recommendations, not to speak of, inter alia, the concerns of Civil Liberties groups in the USA and Canada. For example, what State agencies, besides the […]